Edit:[Solved].Why I can't see the following list of someone in Sololearn ???

This question raised in my mind because , I have seen a person who is following : 5 . But showing only 2 following when I tab on it .Is their any privacy in soloLearn too ???🤔🤔

7/30/2019 10:40:00 AM


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Sick Line Bro🌡️ the post that you send is duplicate so It will mfd soon And Roshan that kinds of questions are allowed on sololearn so no need to make it mfd also it is a bug Also only few person blocked him not all who is in her following list...... Thanks Happy coding !!😀


Yes . This is not only happenning with that one profile also with couple of people ..


There'll come a moderator to say " your question is not related to program so I've marked it to delete" . Farhanaz . Suppose You've blocked me and I'm following your friend , your friend has only one follower i.e. "me" Now , you'll see that your friend has 1 follower (Roshan) but when click on that you'll see 0 result because you can't see blocked one. * No. Of followers still appear if blocked or solo have deactivated account. * Sometimes it's talking time to fetch all data in solo so may try to reopen & refresh after clearing cache .


Sarthak Pokharel I blocked No one .... And that profile is not mine to unseen.


I think it's a bug, I'm not too sure. Happens for me as well, sometimes I see following 5 I hit on it and see it's actually 2 🤷


I think the users got banned from sololearn... If that person following 5 users and only showing 2 that means 3 of the followers have been banned from sololearn *THAT IS WHAT I THINK*


Hey guys, I think I got a Bug in my own profile...... I cannot see the list of people whom I am following..... Sayyam [ # Aasan hai ]


Coder I think it is a bug bro 🤔 yesterday it says that users is following 8 but when I click it he were following 100+ users


Maybe the account is deleted/deactivated. Or maybe that user blocked you for some reasons. Or maybe you blocked that user for some reason. But following doesn't matters.


Oh, I can't see this problem


Same problem for me send an email to sololearn


Farhanaz sis: I think u are seeing the followers list of that person. (As SoloLearn is displaying followers in both tabs) He must have 2 followers and he maybe following 5 as u have mentioned. The thing is its a bug for some reason I'm only able to see on followers. It's the same in both tab. Followers tab is showing followers as it should. But following tab is also showing followers 😅 (So u have followers in both tab. Following is missing) See i have posted about it just now: https://www.sololearn.com/post/130865/?ref=app https://www.sololearn.com/Discuss/1912646/?ref=app


Farhanaz the problem is fixed Please mention it in your posts


Are you checking the correct tab? Followers Vs Following.


Don't know about this but when I open following window for Seeing sololearn profile what updates are from sololearn I am following that profile but it is not shown in following section even I try to search other freinds and mods also than also it didn't show 😮


I don't think it's about that. It could be that he/she followed someone who left sololearn


Shadow Ninja Yea true I think its happening with lot of peoples https://www.sololearn.com/post/130799/?ref=app


Hi Farhanaz! I’m using iPhone this minute and it’s showing 367 followers on your avatar. I’m 1 :) hope they can fix it soon so it works on any computer/device! Best regards from the Frontside of Sweden (as we call west here🤣)