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Should sololearn teach when to use GOOGLE ?

Most users do ask questions that actually belongs to google or anyother search engine

7/25/2019 7:29:39 PM

Mirielle[ Left SL ]

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My two cents when it comes to search engines... they are amazing. You will almost always get what you need. HOWEVER. I think people can get really pretentious about it too. People are on sololearn not just to learn code, but to be part of a community, and that goes for a lot of social networks and forums. I think it's completely acceptable for new people to seek even basic help from others, because engaging with eachother is part of being human.


No teaching nessacary. People should just do it.


Manny times it's happend with me that when I was new to programming and some time There was a curiosity how they do that things What the easiest method of learning that I use to search on Google but sometimes it happen that because of your search terms you get wrong results So accordingly to me people find it convenient to contact with the community to get the answers on there queries Agreed some questions mostly belongs to Google



That could be nice. But older people such as me who aren't as expeirenced would like having a tutorial. All I know is how to search, and hopefully get onto a good site. Someone told me to go here; I didn't find it on my own πŸ˜‚


I think a course about how to use stack overflow is a good idea


We'll be redirected to stack overflow if we learnt googling


daniel aderanti you should learn by yourself... Sololearn means 'sole learning'


Decimis † π•―π–Šπ–ˆπ–Žπ–’π–Žπ–˜ a screen pop up πŸ‘


Not. I guess every coder can use google as well as their regular life eating and drinkingπŸ˜‚


You can almost find anything through Google search πŸ™„ 90% of my answer I give link or copy and paste from Google πŸ˜– I don't know why people are asking before using Google πŸ˜‚


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What's needed is a full-screen pop-up that shows up when someone tries to post a new question that says: "Google is your friend. Did you Google your question first?" ... Or something to that effect.


The teaching takes half a minute: ALWAYS ask Google first. And only if you don't find your answer, or find it but don't understand it, ask here.


Add an introduction or a SoloLearn `how-to`, where every new friends shall be informed to search before asking. But for this to work, the SoloLearn search engine needs help; what kind of help? the proper use of Relevant Tags. All those who relies on Google, SO or other IT/programming forums know how search system works, by searching the tags and sort their relevancy to the original thread's Relevant Tags. Having seen how flexible and forgiving the tags requirements are, I guess abuse is expected. I feel less confident for an improvement of SoloLearn search engine while this practice continues, all the while we can't really expect people to search before asking, given the way the search engine works at the moment. * Keeping dreams alive


Probably will come off as condescending, besides at least the forums will be more active and the community could give more expansive answers than what googling would give.


As sololearn gives a way what to explore.. you can use sololearn as the starting point of the topic and can explore with good terminology.. as many of the times we can't get what to search to get desired search results according to our expectations


Rohan, don't hijack other people's threads for your advertising.


Saeed alqassabi i do take course on udemy and i still need google


Seb TheS, are you thinking about what *you* would want to ask, or about what people in q&a *actually* ask? Because for most of the questions I see here every day, Google will definitely find you a good answer.