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Making Pokemon battles in console

I really want to make Pokemon in console by Pokemon I don't mean the whole Pokemon just the battles. Every time you can choose between 3 pokemons and then you get into the battle no walking, battle right away. Each move has damage and both of the characters has HP I am pretty sure I know how to make it ONLY if there are 2 players playing not against an AI or I can make the ai go though random moves which is not hard at all. Do you think it counts as a full project? If you guys are interested I'll do a video explaining how I did it just comment


7/25/2019 3:21:21 PM


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Hi @R4Z7 . Good question. I think it counts as a full project. But I believe the right answer depends on what are your project for ? (At college? University? A challenge chapionship, portifolio ?) the most important thing is your project give you opportunity you show your abilitys. And would be nice if the project be a self-challenge for you. I mean in the end of the project have gain some knowlege more.


R4Z7 And did you finish that?


blackwinter Trust me I know how to do it😁 I could make a character design as well with for example a char for the head string for the body same for legs but read my explanation that I wrote


Thiha 👑 I can't I will be able to in 2 days like I can't start it


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