How,Why,Where,When to use Django?

I tried watching a crash course on Django and was unable to understand what exactly am I going to do. Why it's beneficial? When to use it? Is it worthy? What are the pre requirements for it?

7/20/2019 8:25:03 AM

Ashutosh Agrawal

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1. HOW: is to start learning django... 2. WHY: for exams sake, you might have any other reasons cos django is useful in building apps with python.. Not only webapps but in GUI programming also 3. WHERE: i was introduced to django and others last semester at school and i'm sololearning since the semester ended few weeks back.. Go to django official website to get started 4. WHEN: for py apps


Django is a free open source framework for Web application https://djangostars.com/blog/why-we-use-django-framework/


Start with Flask and Sqlalchemy, this is more low-level things, also learn about wsgi, http, werkzeug and all that jazz, and afterwards you will be better understand how Django works