Does sololearn have any hardware/server redundancy and an automatic switchover mechanism?

7/17/2019 10:18:37 PM


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If I was SoloLearn, I'd post a link where it's all explained. And when you click at it, you'd read: 'Please check your internet connection.'


Yes it could be like mirroring or clustering I suppose. Some systems have dual redundant servers running where a middleware layer detects any issues in hardware, network etc. and when a problem is detected, the backup server takes control.


Nice question, but if i was sololearn, i wouldn't answer :-)


Automatic switchover mechanism? What's that?


Da2 this was not a general question to read up. I was specifically asking about Sololearn. Maybe I should have just emailed the question. Not sure if I would have got an answer.


Automatic switchover mechanism? What's that? Maybe mirroring or clustering 🤔


Read on embedded fault tolerant systems