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What do you think?

Why do software companies still use Java, when better programming languages like C# and .NET are available with great tooling support?

7/15/2019 7:01:21 AM

Dejan Francuz🥇

3 Answers

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I personally prefer C#, but way more people know java. So instead of hiring C# developers, they are using their all time devs that most likely know java. It's just more widely used. Also the fact that Java is multiplatform plays a role.


you cant say a language is better than the other. i'm pretty sure they already think about it throughly before choosing


There are complete Java IDEs for all major OS, some of them Open Source, while there's only one for C# (Visual Studio), closed source and only available for MS Windows users. I think migrating from Java to C# could need a good investment in MS licenses.