Does introduction of beginner friendly language affect the coding market ? (please read the description)

As we can see programming language is becoming easy and beginner friendly day by day but it also attracting more new people.Does that will exceed the market demand and reduce salary and requirement of programmers?

7/11/2019 4:34:04 AM


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Well I don't think so🤔🤔 Quality in programmers to be better than others will make some people to stand out of that crowd. Many beginners are coming will not reduce the requirements coz you can never fill the space in jobs completely. Mostly all companies go for experienced programmer for a specific job.Market requirements will still increase (I don't know exactly but sure enough). Also I am seeing people who don't get satisfactory job (or even nothing),they go for start-ups business related to programming or anything. According to me, Your salary depends on your job you acquired for and how much productive you are. It's Simple,More crowd more competition,some came for money, some came by interest , Salary or occupation stand still the same.


For hard working people everything is easy either learning codes or doing job's work 😊 it's easy to learn for you because you're laborious. Main point of your question is crowd , yeah it affects but never more than the few percentage . So never be worry about it , talented will be take their own position. Knowledge & efficiency give increment in Salary 😊


I would not be that sure. Even though programming could turn an easy profession, not everyone will be interested in it. Of course there would be some more programmers, but i don't think that it could turn in a "flood".


Lot of begginers come to learn coding but don't actively learn and gets confused and quit coding because its not easy that much to learn coding they just attract towards it like becaming an hacker like movies like type some words and do hacking its all different world in real world so therefore they just attract but someone who want to really learn and do lot of efforts can do a good work in this field so there is no problem of how much guys comes in programming. If they really work hard and passionate about these things then they can do these things and I can say there are lots of people who just want to get silver spoon to eat they don't think about coding they just think about salary which they get in an end of the month


I guess it may be like journalism. If you are an ok journalist, you probably have to compete with the masses just to make a living while some high end journalists with the right connections may make a fortune.


Salary in languages like JavaScript, Python and Java will lower. Amongst the classical ones, more specialized and harder to learn programming languages arise, where salary will drastically increase. Have a Look at the salary chart from stack overflow.


Loeschzwerg , I aggree is that salary a driver. The more difficult the language to learn, the lesser the availabilty of competent programmers


I am not agreed to you. Infact easy coding help to take some more advantage and create a job. Just look 10 year back very less developer in different mnc now lots of developer working on different technology. Might be salary reduce but demand is always high. By the way if you deserve then definitely you will get handsome salary. Thanks. :)