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How to bold text



7/3/2019 4:18:34 PM


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Use the <b> tag or use the <strong> tag


U can use <b> tag or if u want to mark a text important u can also use <strong> tag... Result will be same in both. 👍🏻👍🏻


Please look for answers before asking questions. This is just one of them I easily found. Anyway, you use the <b> tag, and the <strong> tag to bold text in HTML. You can also CSS to bold text.


By using bold tag <b></b> or by increasing font weight of the particular element in CSS


<b>or<strong>tag <strong>is not supported in Html5 use <b> instead Or use css: p{ font-weight:bold; }


Here's a code for ur help,using the bold tag <body> <b>Good Luck</b> </body> And one more thing strong tag also makes text bold but it's main use is to identify important text So use bold tag <b> to make the test bold.


Using inside the <body> tag <b>text bold</b> also used <strong>text bold</strong>


<b> or <strong>


Using <b> tag or strong tag in html


Use CSS : p { font-weight: bold; }


in(html) use these : <b>...</b> (this will bold your text only) or use <strong>...</strong> (this will bold your text and at the same time and mark your text as an (important) text and (it is usefull for search engine) and (it is not supported in HTML5) ....................................... in (SCC) use this: p { font-weight: bold; } or use this: p { font-weight: put_a_number px; } instead of (put_a_number) you should use a number for exampl (300px) remember>> the higher number you use the bolder text you will get -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- <h1>Happy Codding</h1>


U can apply css Property Font-weight: 10px;


Use <b> tag or <strong> tag


<b> text bold <strong> text bold important


there are the tags <strong> or <b> used like <b>this</b> or like <strong> this </strong> and im only 12 years old dudes



Use the <b></b> tags to format the text 🙂


use <b>...... </b> tag or <strong>.... </strong> or use font-weight: bold/bolder ; in your css stylesheet


<b></b> para poner texto en negritas y <strong></strong> también define texto en negritas pero con mas importancia y dándole énfasis al navegador. Ve mas aquí: 👍💻😀🙋


Use <b> tag or <strong>