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Business with Coding

Hello, are there any coders that are/going to be entrepreneurs if so then can you share some of your experiences and give advice to people who might want to start a business with there coding skills. It can be from being a game dev to making websites being a freelancer etc. Thank you.

6/27/2019 11:23:32 PM

Danial Azadpour

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Quality matters, not the amount of orders. If you sell underprice hoping for more sells, it will lower your motivation. If you're going to own a business, you will need money. I worked 14 hours a day. 8 hours a day I worked as electrician. It secured my income. At night I delivered applications. web scrapers, websites and web platforms. Including weekends since I had more time for programming. Expensive projects are tempting but just say no if you're not confident enough. The client expects quality within the given timeline.


Thank you for your reply Toni Isotalo very helpful. Are there any other great entrepreneurs out there?