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Are large font similar to h1 attribute

6/20/2019 3:05:36 AM

Aditya Kumar Tiwari

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p{ Font-size:80px; } Font - size define the size of font , i.e. how large or small it will be Aditya Kumar Tiwari to make a font larger , you need to define the font- size property. Well h1 tag is basically for headings and the default font size is 2 em = 32px But if you increase your font size to more than 32 px then fonts can be larger than h1 Thanks


Of course not! Tags in HTML are made to describe your entire page, a H1 tag is saying to the web that this is one title in the page. Semantic is very important not only to be readable for other developers, but too, for example, search engines, and you will desire to stay on the top rank of the Google :) (you can search for SEO to understand better about this)