How washing machine can be call a computer??

6/17/2019 7:21:08 AM

Gaurav Rawat

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I wouldn't call it a computer. A computer is general purpose whereas a dedicated embedded system such as a washing machine or microwave usually contains a microcontroller not a microprocessor.


It can be called a computer because it have microprocessors.


Good question and good answers above. The world of Internet of Things/Embedded has all kinds of things (refrigerators, thermostats, cameras etc.) that were once not programmable (20 yrs. ago) but now can be programmed remotely and can connect to the world via the Internet. If you put a Raspberry Pi Zero W ($5) with a camera module on it on a wifi network it is a computer in my opinion. I think Martin makes a good point that the typical washing machine, with microcontroller but no processor, isn't really a computer. Sonic and Yathin Babu's comments are also helpful. Thank you Gaurav Rawat for this question.


It contains a microprocessor.


It has CPU, and set of codes to operate.


Je s'appelle groot


the washing machine has its own job and life, and of course, ti can afford its own phone, and through this, it can call a computer friend for help (in escaping the prision called the "laundry room")


Let me tell you Gaurav Rawat. It's called a computer because it has codes to make it work. And, Martin Taylor, anything that works electronically is a computer.


Its uses microcontroller programming AFAIK 🤔


Washing machine can be called a computer because it has microprocessors and it run on some programs which allows it to be controlled.


A computer is literally anything that computes. Your phone is a computer. A calculator is a computer. This toilet I'm on right now is a computer. It's automated.


Rumy, my TV is an electronic device but it's not a computer ;-) However, that depends on your definition of a computer. Not everything that is digital even contains a cpu. Some digital devices can be controlled by a state machine implemented in hardwired logic. There are also such things as analogue computers that use mechanical components.