How to learn about data science (and get job) without degree

Well, im suck in my college life (as biology student)... i wanna have career in data science, not because salary, but... when i listen their story about data science, im excited about that, but.. i dont wanna go to college, lol

6/16/2019 5:10:46 AM

Dinda Aulia Zulkarnain

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⏭They first thing you have to do learn basics. After learned basics you can ho ahead. There are large number of free resources you can find on the internet free video courses , free e books and many more. Mean while try do some real world mini projects while you learning that will help you to know how to apply the things you have leaned. The key thing is start from zero and then build up your knowledge. And follow the data science page of SoloLearn it is a good resource for being up to date with data science. some rouserces. 🔸️You can try data camp courses. 🔸️Codecademy. 🔸️SoloLearn also have some learning matrials related to data science. 🔸️and try pluralsight it has good courses. Hope this helpful.🌸


hey check out Kuba Siekierzyński profile https://code.sololearn.com/W2nvcMqTRi4q/?ref=app


You can start by learning a python. Then take up a few lessons in statistics. Then your ready to dive into Data Science. Here are a few websites you can learn Data Science from : 1) cognitiveclass.ai 2) Coursera.org ping me if you need more help.


Don't get fooled by the "easy way", life with a degree is much easier. I'm a physicist student and trust me, a degree opens many doors in science. No matter if you are in biology related field, you have one foot in science. You can change career if you want. The key is hard work.


use google


I'm sorry but I don't buy that post of Kuba. It seems fake or at least informal


statistics and coding the basics to start off