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What is cloud computing?

6/11/2019 10:52:41 AM

Bhaskar Maity

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TL;DR ☁️ computing lets you keep information on a remote server, and let's you access it from any internet-connected device. Long Version - In ☁️, you get computing resources on-demand and on self-service.  You get processing power, storage, and network you need, without human intervention.  You don't have to know about the exact physical location The resources are elastic and highly scalable, and you can scale up or down anytime. Some of the most famous services that you'd be using rn are - Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Photos etc.


Cloud computing service can be public or private depending on if the organization have their servers or they pay for the service to others. Most times the organizations have a mix of these ideas, becouse they have the sensitive data in private and the rest in public. A example of cloud computing public service can be amazon web service, google drive