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Client-side vs Server-side rendering

When should we use SSR method? what's differences between SSR and CSR methods? what's pros and cons of both?

6/8/2019 9:35:28 PM


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CSR = more time to load, ability to use DOM API, worse CEO SSR = faster loading, more difficult to use (except using Next.js), good SEO for small projects it is better to use CSR, such as Parcel + Preact for big apps with difficult logic, use Next.js


Client-side renders refers to the rendering of browser content via JavaScript. Therefore, in place of receiving content directly from the HTML document, users receive a bare HTML document along with a JavaScript that assists with rendering the site using the browser. Server Side Rendering, also called SSR, is the ability of a JavaScript application to render on the server rather than in the browser. I did a search and found some good articles about both SSR & CSR.