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I know this is a pretty debatable topic, but I wanna know what is the best programming language to learn these days?

5/27/2019 4:52:23 PM


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Chipp it depends on what you are aiming for like Android application- C, C++, Java, kotlin, XML Web development- html, css, bootstrap, material css, javascript, php and many frameworks of these language like node, angular, react, php framework, symfony, php cake, laravel, codignator etc Networking- C, python Desktop application-> C#, C++ IOS application-> objective-c, swift Game development-> C#, C, C++, unreal engine


And yes I forgot to add this all is just an path way to follow after that you can go in any way as @Prince PS said python is popular and used in so many fields like machine learning as easy to use with all mathematical operations on equation, iot is another field in which python is vitally used, networking in which socket programming of python is considered so good. Javascript is too have so many machine learning library which can be used. Big data which is an problem that is solved by hadoop tool is operated on Java platform So there is many things in programming but as for beginners choose one by one then go ahead with these new technology


Chipp Chipp when I said html is programming language, it's used in web development as an markup language when you specify the language used in field it's obvious that it works accordingly iOS and macOS are both largely written in C, Objective-C and partly also in C++ (e.g. the clang compiler suite, but I'm sure there's more). https://www.quora.com/Is-Objective-C-dead Yes but now everything can be done by C instead of objective c


Well bro actually you can't compare languages to find which one is the overall best language but u can compare them in a specific topic to find the best such as our moderator Mohit the coder (M.S.D) told you. Well python is more popular now a days but it's difficult to use it for creating 3d games whereas it is used in networking and machine learning . Java has it's own great powers in the world of developing applications. Whereas swift is mainly used by iOS to create apple software. Thanks


C++ , C# , JAVA , Python , Pascal


Mohit the coder (M.S.D) btw, HTML is not programming language and, afaik, objective C is almost obsolete in order ios programming