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Hey everyone, As I was practicing my CSS in creating a dropdown menu, I noticed that the extra content won't show after I hover over the lists. Now, this was supposed to be a piece of cake, I know how a dropdown is done in general. Apparently, I might have made a (very)little mistake or I might have missed something tiny because I can't see what am I doing wrong. Please, help. https://code.sololearn.com/Waym8ny5DXyA/?ref=app

5/26/2019 6:41:25 PM

Vasilis Karapas

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You cant set display:block from .one:hover, .two:hover, .three:hover, there is no area reserved for .one, .two and . three to hover initially. Use li:hover to turn on .one, .two and .three instead. li:hover .one, li:hover .two, li:hover .three{ display: block; }


Thank you for your help. I never thought about it like that. When I placed the classes one, two, three to display:none, with the way I wrote the code, it worked. I thought it would work the same way with the hover part of the code. I guess, I was wrong.