Should challenge answers be explained ?

Challenge results allow challengers to see the correct answers but they don't provide any explanations about them, like comments in the quizzes do. Do you think it would be useful and/or relevant to add such features to challenges in order to help people to better understand them ?

5/24/2019 8:51:21 PM

Jake Chambers

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Yes I think it would be useful if sololearn provides explanation about answers.


Yup... They only show the answers... So if the question comes again, you could answer... But what if the same problem comes up in real life and you couldn't explain? 🤔 Explaining challenges' answers is a great suggestion...


Jake Chambers If you have any ideas, you can email them info@sololearn.com


Hello, Thank you for your answers :) Koder King 🐱 yeah, I do know this (thank you anyway), but it was more a question than a suggestion. IDK if it's a good or bad idea. On the one hand, I have a sense that it could be really helpful for beginners, especially when they "play" against higher-level opponents, with questions about things they might not have learnt yet. I saw that many asked for explanations here, opening discussions, which I think is interesting as it triggers interaction -- but not all of them will do it and it would probably be more convenient to have instant access to these explanations. On another hand, it surely is interesting to let people dig through the courses and re-read them in order to understand the correct answers "by themselves". Maybe you better remember the things you learn this way, even if it looks a little harder and/or slower and/or less efficient at first sight. So yeah, it's just a question yet :)



Hello there, since apparently nobody else has shown interest in this question over the last week, I'm gonna mark the most upvoted one as "best answer" and thank you all who have expressed your opinions about it with comments and/or votes. Given the results I suppose it might be a good idea, but probably not such an important question for the community. Anyway, thanks again and happy coding to all of you :)


Jake Chambers Totally agree with you, guys. I'm a beginner in the programming field. Really like challange section but because of not only my lack of knowledge but also limited time, sometimes I cant solve the questions and wonder what the answers of them are. I hope creators of this beautiful app will find the solution about this problem. As a user, I request them to allow us to see the answers