If I have an idea to make an app or website, is there any places where I can find a ready to use database for my project?

I had an idea of making an app but as I thought it ll be time consuming to make a database from scratch. For example if the idea is a cooking app where the user will click on pics of food and then receive the ingredients, that mean I ll need a database of ingredients and if I have 1000 type of food then I ll need a 1000 table or list in mongodb. So my question is can I find ready to use databases who meet my needs. Do u guys know if this is possible??

5/21/2019 3:23:59 PM

Nidhal Baccouri

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Bitte. Sie sind ein Mann, der ausreicht, um sich zu behaupten, und das gefällt mir an Ihnen. Tut mir leid, dass wir uns missverstanden haben. 👍


Yes it is possible but those usually cost a lot of money.


Dragonxiv thank you, you simply answered what I wanted to know