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Friend Request? Follow?

Can you only follow people through the mobile version? I can't figure it out on PC. HALP! :)

5/2/2019 2:53:45 PM

Carlee Gonzales

7 Answers

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The activity and post you cannot see through PC version. And also comments on code you can't see through PC version. As far I remember But they might update it


Yes , its only done through mobile (app) version. Not available on PC


Carlee Gonzales the Website and IOS versions are still like children growing up while the Android version is more like a teenager.


Carlee Gonzales Install Android Emulator on PC then install Sololearn App on PC through it :)


@ ~ swim ~ Why are you so smart! Teach me these waysss!


Carlee Gonzales 👍😁 There are way more smarter people than me on Sololearn itself. You too will learn things with time and experience.


@Rstar Are there other functions only available through mobile? I generally use PC, hate coding on my phone...but if there is more available for learning, growing and networking, then I might have to get used to it.