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React Native vs web development

I have learned html , css and javascript and now i am stuck in the decision between start learning react native or backend development. I am hearing now-a-days that web development is going down and mobile development is best. But i dont know shoud i learn react native or learn backend (php , node.js etc). So, can you suggest me what will i choose ? Which is best(in future) ?

4/30/2019 6:16:45 PM


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If you have learned React. You can build server side rendering with Nodejs using next.js which is react based. React Native is React based too, it's easily to learn RN if you know react, and RN is not only build mobile apps, you could build website using React-native-web. The main focus should be on React.js, if you know it well, you can build Next.js SSR web or RN apps/web easily.


ReactJS has three frameworks: Next.js(render node.js on server),Gatsby.js(for static React pages) and React Native(for building mobile apps)!


Thanks Calvin