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Is possible to remember all codes in your head?

Do developers know all tags and syntax language off by heart

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I think a lot of people have responded based on the topic and not read the extra text that mentions tags and syntax. It's very much possible to know a large volume of tags and syntax. If you use the same language everyday in your job for example, much of it sticks. It becomes like learning a spoken language. After you've written or spelt out a word enough times you'll remember it. Similar words become easier to remember, just as similar syntax becomes easier to remember. One way to learn syntax is to ensure you type out the code, even if your copying/utilising other code. Don't copy/paste. I doubt you'll ever learn 'all' as you'll probably never use every one in a language.


Never never never... Programmers only remember few mostly used, they use Google for the rest


The secret is: practise coding frequently. Weekly, even daily. Creating programs is the best way to internalize that knowledge. Sometimes without noticing.


If You Remember The Tags And Syntax And You Have A Plan For A Project!!! It Means That All Code Is In Your Mind!!! 🌹👌😍👍🏻🤗😊✌🌹


Its not possible to remember everything, but if you keep practicing everyday, then all those codes will be more familiar for you.


Every thing is possible with practice


I dont need to remember codes, just use logic and your knowledge and the answer will come! That's what i mostly like in programming. Trust me, just practice and learn and you will become very good!


Memory recall most but always research for more and if there are updates that may improve...


Look. Sometimes when people are planning a project, something to consider is if your team know the technology to be used. This serves to estimate the duration of the project and your cicles . The beginning cicles of the project can be used to learn. In the end developers don't need to learn how to program again. Just need to learn the new tool. Learn a new language can cost days, weeks or months. Learn programming ( Paradigms, Patterns, Protocols, ...) will always take years.


Programmer don't need to remember codes If you practicing them it naturally fit in your brain. And if you are remembering the codes it means you are not understanding to code perfectly.


Definitely possible. People learn to write Chinese as well with their many thousand complicated symbols. The key (along with regular practice) is well-planned repetition to transfer the short-term knowledge into long-term memory. As long as you do that, you can just stack up. Brain's got a lot of memory.


Elva is absolutely right. 🙌😉😉


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Short answer is no, long answer is nooooooooooooooo. Kidding aside, codes are just temporary tools in a programmers arsenal to solve a problem hence they need not to be remembered but the intuition behind the solution to a problem is the one going to be remembered hence a programmer may partially remember parts of the code by remembering what problem it solves.



Not at all.


Remember all codes, not possible. But how to know writing code, it's the keys (sorry for my english)🤫


Yes! It is your effort. Read them carefully and try to remember. You can.


I would like to say no. Thank God for internet and google..


It is indeed possible to memorize all of the core syntax but I'm quite certain that a human can't remember everything from vast libraries like .Net or Java - you'll need to use the IDE and the documentation. From my experience recalling the variable, function etc names you declared becomes a bigger issue in any semi larger application.