What is this App about? How can it help me or how can I benefit from it?

4/20/2019 9:50:37 PM

Omo-Iyare Jeffrey

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Well, this app is about learning how to code, or more properly, learning coding fundamentals. Even if this app can help you understand and get you a nice baseline idea of the different languages, you should, in my opinion, not consider this app the beginning and ending of your coding journey. In here, you can learn most code syntax and how do they work, watch examples, made by your fellow students, and in time, share your own. It's also a space to talk about programming itself. It also gives you a nice certificate when you're done with the different courses, and you can feature those in LinkedIn, to help recruiters know you have the skills they're looking for. However, you should not cheat yourself, and must, instead, learn here and keep learning from other sources later, improving your skills. It can help you with that. And the benefits are the chance to get a really nice coding job, and the opportunity to learn something new. However, both of those things are something you must fight for.