How many XP you will gain only from reading all topics here

How many XP you will gain approximately from reading all materials published in SoloLearn. I know that this not almost correct question. But I have got this question from chat. And I think it is interesting for newcomers.

4/18/2019 2:42:52 AM

Nerses Avakyan

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Anthony Quick I came to that same conclusion when I tested long ago but I cannot say with certainty that is exactly how it works.


It would be approximately 5220xp assuming they got every answer correct the first time.


Anthony Quick I had no idea getting the answer correct the first time gave more points. Any idea of the difference? Hmm...I wonder if testing ahead gives more points as well.


Adrian A. Hall yes, at least from my experience, if you get the answer correct the first time, you are awarded full xp for that question. Following tries I think reduce by 1xp, dipping into negatives if you get it wrong too many times. I can't verify this 100%, but that seems to be how it is from what I can see.


Sonic, I didn't see much XP when have passed SQL lessons


Anthony Quick I am still baffled by your observation a few months back when you mentioned that some users had accumulated thousands of points in SQL.


Sonic that one still baffles me as well... I think the only way for explanation would be to reach those guys who did it, but they have quit SL long ago, sadly. Jamie💐 yeah, I definitely can't say with 100% certainty, and I would definitely be intrigued to find out exactly how it all works.


I suppose a way to test it out would be to create two test accounts. One that gets them all correctly on the first attempt and another that deliberately gets one wrong before selecting a correct answer. Assuming that resetting an account also resets any penalties accumulated (in which that can also be tested with the "imperfect" account), it can be repeated by deliberately getting two wrong initially...and so on as needed.


I don't think that all from above complete all courses. You can start new course, same for two or more users and compare xp they got.


Exactly I hav this doubt...