Can we include JQuery quiz challenge also in Solo Learn?

I've recently joined in Solo Learn and came across quiz competition which we can take with our connections or Random opponent. But, it will be good if we can also include JQuery as I am not able to see JQuery quiz as an option. Thanks

4/12/2019 12:26:15 AM

Mohd Ashraf Shaikh

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Well, JQuery is not a language itself. It is just a library. There maybe JQuery quizzes in the JS Section.


Well, that's correct I agree with you but will suggest something on this to info@sololearn.com Hope my contribution will help.


You can always use the feedback feature for suggestions and request, or send your feedback directly to info@sololearn.com. JQuery is just a library/framework for JS. I'm not familiar with JS quizzes, but it is possible that some JS quizzes might already encompass certain JQuery constructs and elements. It's like asking for CSS quizzes.


I haven't seen any JQuery questions yet in JS quizzes.