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[SOLVED] Can you comment on someone’s code on a computer?

4/9/2019 10:54:45 AM


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no... only on app


Just reading your question, I was struggling to understand the context. Reading people's replies cleared things up for me. So you were asking about if it was possible to add comments to another user's code on Sololearn Code Playground using the website version and not the app. Got it now. So as people have said, you have to use the app version or run SL on a Bluestacks emulator on a PC.


The only way to comment on someone's code is to use the app version of Sololearn . The app version can only be used from an android or an android emulator . So I recommend you to use the updated version of Bluestacks ( currently version 3 ) , which is an Android emulator . Note that your computer will become slow and may even hang . Another disadvantage is that you cannot insert emojis from bluestacks . This is an awkward method but it is the only solution when you need to comment on codes using computer : )


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u can send a feedback to sololearn.


Yes. By downloading Bluestacks you can use SoloLearn just like the app... because Bluestacks is an android emulator. So, yeah for some reason (lazyness) SoloLearn is not fully optimized for a PC interfase. But hey! At least you can use the app version on PC with Bluestacks.


home - top right corner are three points... feedback


Talking of "Blue Stacks", its effect on your machine depends on your RAM size and Processing speed. Also whether your machine supports Virtualization or not Thank you.


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