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Where to save codes?

Should I make a website or some kind of portfolio where I can put all my codes? Or to do something else? Can you give me your examples and what do you think? Where do you store them if you even do?

1/17/2017 9:42:24 AM


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I think github.com (or other source control system/service) is the best to store your code.


codeplayground *giggles at my own stupidity*


Thank you all


An online portfolio is a great way to show off your work to prospective employers but I wouldn't personally want stuff that is still work in progress in one - they are for showing off your best stuff to people, and being able to put on your CV or business card or whatever, to help impress them. github.com can be used as an online portfolio, and also helps with working on projects with other people and is a form of source control. Source control in general is designed and built to be the best way to save code. That said code playground is great if you want other learners to see simple code you've written, and help them learn. I've used it before to write code on my tablet, then open the code through the website on my PC where I've saved the code elsewhere :)


I'm saving all my codes belongs to its extension and if I want to edit/change I'll open it with notepad++