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Laravel course?

You should consider making a Laravel course, and more courses in general. Maybe even make learning paths, e.g fronted dev or backend dev.

3/28/2019 9:34:59 PM

Casper Spur

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What is laravel?


its a php framework.


Oh okay. I would guess that it is to unpopular to get a course. And i would love to have a frontend or backend course. But there would also be so many different ways to aproach them.


And if you have some knowledge about those themes you could start adding your own lessons. And if the get aproved sololearn can do a course for those.


I think if he is good in those themes he wouldn't ask for a course to this. Same problem here. Would like to learn laravel so intuitively like on Sololearn but there are no courses in here (also no user generated ones) 😔