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The best programmer in SoloLearn

Who is the best programmer in SoloLearn? Write in comments.


3/14/2019 5:05:16 PM


17 Answers

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You Are The Best!!!👌👌👌 Just Believe in Yourself!!!👍😊✌


Every one even the beginner also. 😊😊


the popularity of code is no indication of skill in sl. some write a couple of lines of html and css and get hundreds of votes, while others write sophisticated js and get a handfull of upvotes.


For me Kuba Siekierzyński is the best programmer in sololearn.


Either Kuba Siekierzyński, Burey, or me!


I think is ........ hmmmmmmmmm😀


Kuba Siekierzyński Coder Shudarshan Rai 👑 These guys are good It takes hard work you reach the peak Programming is not difficult-Mark Zuckerberg


Search in hot code section, thare you will find most upvoted code, from where you can learn a lot.


Not me for sure.


this is a good topic but I think everybody can be the best but the real BIG deal is everybody is not thesame and because of that,It is a must that some programmer's outshine others by their creativity,skills,techniques,accuracy and ability to do what others can't do... All am saying is that with hope and hardwork everyone can be the best but among the best they must be the best...


1.Andrew G 2.Kuba Skierzynski



Everybody is the best in there own point of view


l know. But how do you think?


Every one here even newbie are the best coder because programming is all about putting puzzle together ,even pro are still learning which make them newbies too ok


you and me😂


Thank you for your replices😆😆