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Easiest way to remember code?

I'm taking notes for JavaScript in a notebook, but I can't seem to remember a lot from it. How can I remember more of what I learn?

2/21/2019 2:39:43 PM


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You won't remember by writing in a notebook. You've got to be frequently writing code, experimenting, and practicing. It will eventually become second nature and you won't even be thinking about syntax.


You can make notes. But If you really want a concept to stick to mind then you should make a code related to that concept. Try experimenting . See what happens if you change this value, what happens when you remove this and add that.


Do Practice More & More In PC Or Phone!!!


Here's how I went through the new ES6 syntax or all 30 array methods in JavaScript. I still forget them if not used in intervals but most of the stuffs is rock solid in my mind. First I study about it in, Mozilla or any other good place. For ES6 stuffs I love this http://es6-features.org/#Constants Then I fiddle with it, most of the stuffs are syntactic sugar, so I try to do them in different ways. Now I am in a good position to make high quality notes.I won't remember my discoveries during those code fiddles if I don't write them. Therefore I got 8 Handwritten notebooks only for JS. David Carroll I ll still forget them, but when I revise the notes after long gap I seriously get butterflies in my stomach. The whole high grade revision process happens fast. Now I ll always strive to use those new concepts on any new code. Some concepts that are groundbreaking I spend extra efforts to document them well like this. https://link.medium.com/bVOnjvEYuU


Dolphin I agree with everything that everybody said, you have to do it to remember it, but I want to come up for your notebook idea. Simplistically there are three stages to learning. Ignorance Transient Mastery In that transient phase the notebook is extremely important. Yes you can google whatever, but it takes time. My notebook is a text file I call cheatsheet, and everything I figured out goes in there. So if I cant remember every detail of some procedure/function I open my cheatsheet. So in that incredibly long phase called Transient, where you are doing that which you are not yet confident of, the notebook plays a valuable role.


thanks coder. yep books cant teach everything. practice, practice, practice.....oh and debug, debug, debug


Don't remember entire codes. Remember concepts, principles and syntax. The constant practice of typing code in an editor and running it will reinforce your learning.


I don't think there is any programmers can learn coding well, by solely writing codes frequently on notebook. Practice coding by program, execute and debug the codes.


Louis yup exactly, awesome explanation, same here as well. I don't follow cheat sheet approach coz I always include all the details. But the problem it creates is note making gets longer and bigger. Every few weeks when I get back to my notes I loose track of which page had what. So I have to index the topic headings in first page properly after few weeks. And I ll keep scribbling on the index page to add more details after each revision in gaps.


You have to repeat what you learn with a schedule fitting your brain. The pattern: After 1 day, 2 days later, 4 days later, 8 days, 16...


Turn on your pc and start coding😄


Code could not be remember but during my first test at university i remember the code line by line and got full marks LOL! Then i thought that by this method i never be a programmer so now i imagine what i want and start programming.


I want to add that I agree with what David and Calvin said: Actively investigating and actually using what you learn with your own hands has to be the basis and can't be substituted. And if you add in a good repetition schedule for the aspects that don't occur every day or are for some reason hard to remember for you, you can ensure that nothing (or very little) is lost.


The way I can learn JavaScript and ES6 better, is keep solving Q&A questions here.. By doing more research from Google search and providing coding solutions if possible.


You can't remember all this stuff because it is too much all of these. You have to know and understand what you are writing . And then it will be easer


The easiest way is practice. Reading how to code will only teach you the purpose behind it. The best way for any code is to get hands on with it.






you learn how to walk by actually walking n falling n walking again and not by noting principles n theory