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(SOLVED) Node.js version

It asks me to choose between 10.15.0 LTS and 11.6.0 Current Which version is better for me to download?

1/8/2019 12:02:51 PM


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Since I only use the stable legacy functions, there is no difference to choose LTS or latest version. So I always choose latest one.


Both versions are good and fine but the 10.15.0 LTS means long term support it is the present stable version and also there will be updates, patches and fixes for it for a very long time. The 11.6.0 is the current version with the most up to date features in it, but it won't be supported in terms of updates, fixes and patches as long as the LTS. Don't get me wrong it will be supported too but not as long as the version market LTS. Which version do I download, well I as a person download and use LTS in most things that I do, it gives me confidence that if any vulnerability is found and update/patch will be released to address it. Also it gives assurance that there will be no breaking change because of the long term support. LTS does it for me, you have the decision to take. I hope this helps, Regards...


Oh you are one minute late. I want stability but I already installed latest 😅 Thanks anyway😉


Another reason why I always upgrade my node to latest version is that other new third party softwares or utilities that I installed are using almost latest version of node.js. For example Electron.js, if there is a new version of Node.js gets released, they usually wait for about a month before upgrading the one in Electron. LTS version might not able to support it. Check out for more info https://electronjs.org/docs/faq#when-will-electron-upgrade-to-latest-nodejs To ensure that my upgraded electron.js would not break, I got to use new version of Node.js. New version in fact give you stability too. ☺


Normal users would be not affected by the version we installed. Unless you are some super advanced users trying out all the latest released new functions.


The installation prompts a Windows PowerShell to install "required (something)" PowerShell stops at "Installing visualstudio2017-workload-vctools".... But when I try the myfirst.js in W3schools seems Node.js already works. Don't know what I should do with the PowerShell window now 🤷‍♂️


Even I have got so many messages like that. But I didnt affect the program anyway


Oh, in this case, let me just close the Windows PowerShell then.