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Can anyone make a calculator using PHP and HTML?

Use a calculator using PHP function, Switch, $_Get and HTML form, input

1/10/2017 11:13:16 AM

Rashed Ahmed

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I don't know php. sololearn doesn't even support php.


oh I was wrong, they have php. woops. idk, look on code playground or Google for the awnser. Or, yknow, use the course to learn how to build it. after all, what's the point of taking the course if you're not trying to learn?


yes. people have done it numerous times.


The problem you're going to have on SoloLearn is interacting with PHP twice. Once you see the results--of anything--how are you going to interact again?


You could fire up an instance at or Amazon Web Services Both are free (AWS 1 year). Then you could tinker with AJAX, REST or WebSockets (or even URL strings here on SoloLearn) to ship commands off to PHP and process answers in the browser. But if you don't have to use PHP for your assignment, Javascript's a better idea.


I guess it's much easier to make a calculator using Javascript. It's simpler and it won't cost server space for the calculations.


I completed PHP tutorial on Sololearn. But I have a task, make a basic calculator.


please, share your code.