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Colour in Website

I am using HTML5 with CSS. And I know about the RGB, and RGBa. Actually i am going to ask that how can i set the website colour my natural , stunning and also comfortable to see. Is there any tutorial which teach make a stunning webpage? thanks

12/15/2018 5:02:32 AM


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Tbh there are a lot to consider, basicly a color can reflect a certain emotion, there's a whole study to cover that. But there are some basic step you can take. 1. A color harmony, you can say its the way to choose color, based on location in color wheel. And its doable with math. 2. Nature color, take a photo of something beauty. Look at it see how the colors blend and choose the dominant one also color that looks good with it, for example a photo of a beach. There dominant blue, with sand color, and bit of green There more to consider 1. Get a primary color, its the main color for your web 2. Get compement color, its the 2nd most used but not as much as primary, and should have a good contrast 3. Accent color, this'll be used to emphasize little thing in your web. It should be contrast from both Lets take an example. Facebook, white as primary, blue as complement, and red as for notification But this rules isnt absolute, with a good eye you can always create a decent one without this.


Chinese palette


I think that this can be useful (look also the links on page and to all site in general)


You can search through YouTube, there's a whole lot of awesome video tutorials for making beautiful websites.