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delay in microseconds

how can i delay in microseconds in android studio?

11/4/2018 1:18:09 PM


3 Answers

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See for delays in milliseconds. Getting a delay in microseconds is highly improbable since android is not a hard real time operating system.


okay, so that's mean i can't delay in uS. Actually was trying to generate square wave sound in microseconds through my headphone jack, so that i can communicate with my microcontroller (PIC). By the way thanks for the reply :)


Depending on the Android device that you are using it may be possible to connect a bluetooth to serial slave port to your PIC serial port and use the Android Bluetooth classes to communicate with the PIC. See... for more information. As far as the PIC is concerned it's talking over a serial link so you don't have to implement a bluetooth library on your PIC.