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Help, please to free android memory

Programmers. Call out those who understand the system android. My phone writes that there is not enough memory. The internal memory in the phone is about 4 GB. Almost nothing memory is full. But why the Google Chrome system browser weighs 2.5 GB? How to free up memory? 

10/31/2018 7:53:25 PM


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In my phone I usually go to Settings → Apps → All Applications → Tap on menu → Clear cache of all apps. This will clear all the cache of installed apps, but I suppose in your phone it may be different somewhat, though some steps may be similar. Give it a try!


This has been fixed on newer versions of Android. My phone (P10) also had this problem, but now I almost always have 2-1.5GB left. Never went below 1GB since. Note that apps use garbage collection, so there's nothing app devolopers can do here.


Thanks for the advice. But I cleared the cache of all hallways, including this browser. It gave me 100 MB of memory. A browser weighs 2.5 GB. After a while, browser memory (with cleared cache) increased to 2.6 GB. I deleted all the tabs, cleared the browser history, but it did not


Vlad Serbu, what can I do?


Thanks. It is not problem now.