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Idea improvement

hello solo learn , I have a idea for this app you can give us a chating section in our profile so that we could chat with peer coder and also we can take there help. If the community members agree please upvote for this.

1/5/2017 5:42:21 AM

sonal kunal

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post this idea on Facebook. they seem to be responding sooner there.



However we can use discord...


for now you can visit the chat room in my codes "Online Chat using Firebase v3.0"


of course it will be great


A chat function would be absolutely awesome!


Friendly communications will improve community.


i think irc will work fine


Hello, I saw so many people make a thread about feature addition to Sololearn like more programming language and chatting system. So I collected the idea and write it one the wish list / feature request to improve sololearn here: It include adding more programming language, chatting system and still more ideas from users, please see and comment what your ideas to improve sololearn on my thread and help us made it. Thank you


Expanding jobs need study and preparations .. I listen to classical music played by another app while learning programming on SoloLearn .. and it would be a good idea if there was such an option on SoloLearn .. but that might turn the site into a music-site .. Chatting may cause some problems if leads to unfriendly communications .. or may be some people use that for purposes other than education and or learning .. so rules should be set ..also the team should expand .. Eventually it will be done depending on the situation including the abilities .. Assume upvoted!