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No Connection Error

When ever I am likestorming anyone, SoloLearn says No Connection and all the posts I have liked are undone. So I want to ask that why does this happen and is there any way to fix it? Does this happen to you also or am I the only one who's facing this problem?

10/21/2018 7:17:22 AM

blACk sh4d0w

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To prevent likestroming sololearn says no connection, to fix it there is only one way like slowly and giving some time interval


Yep, I know this issue for a very long time. And this is not an Internet/WiFi problem, because everything else works fine.


Mohit the coder (M.S.D) yeah that happens to me all the time and my app just crashes. So I go really slow and to only the people who give me back.


But I see many people who like posts speedily, don't they get an error?


Jay Matthews Don't know but it happens with me only when I am likestorming someone.


I get 'No Connection' a few times a day. It has nothing to do with being in the middle of a likestorm. Sometimes the server is just overwhelmed.


It also happens during coding and that's the wrost part :-'(


Igor Makarsky yeah agree with you.


nAutAxH AhmAd Really, you got a good luck. I lost 25 lines of java code yesterday and I had to retype it :-'(


Something happens to me too πŸ˜€


Doesn't seem so because if at the same time I am using any app that need wifi connection it's working fine.


Arushi Singhania Luckily not happened to me that yet.


Arushi Singhania That's pretty bad.


David F. Rosenheim 10531846 The one you are talking about is different one, it happen sometimes and yes that might be bandwidth issue but I am saying about the other. That doesn't seems like bandwidth issue.


Károly Komjáti That happen sometimes might be because of bandwidth issue like David F. said but this one's I am talking about is different. It's not the bandwidth issue.


Yes this happens to me also and many other users face this πŸ˜…


They too face that problem too, i have too when like someone posts sometime no connection occured which prevent to like strom


@everyone it may be a intternet/Wi-Fi problem. 0r(it is a zer0) sololearn may have been stopping you because you have likestormed over the limit(i think) Hopes this helps!😁😊😏


i don't know but using latest version of sololearn is better


No internet connection, please try again later. Must be a bandwidth issue on Sololearns servers.