Artificial Intelligence

What language is the best for AI? And what job in AI can be assigned to a coder?

10/19/2018 7:33:13 AM

Alessandro Palazzolo

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Depending on what you mean by AI exactly, any language is good, as there are matrix/vector operations underneath any AI algorithm and every language has a capacity to do that. However, if you mean AI in a popular sense, you should focus on a language that allows you to develop a closed-end application. As for the job part -- anything from data exploration to algorithm implementation and app development can be a part of such a job.


I mean a ready solution, an assistant-like software or any other avatar of popular belief of what AI really is ;)


Actually, python is best and easy way for working with AI and Machine learning


Sorry but I'm just starting with this things, what do you mean by closed end application? Thanks anyway for the explanation!


my personal experience Matlab is the easiest to make one because it comes with some prebuilt function and visualization.


LISP and its dialects can read their code, include it as string, alter it and return it to the code. This feature looks very promising to me since it allows a dynamic codebase that optimizes itself depending on the task. At least in theory.