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Kotlin or Java?

I started learning Java one year ago for creating android apps. Should i learn Kotlin or Java is better for mobile programing?

9/23/2018 11:29:43 AM

Bogdan Lonchuk

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java is the best for developing android apps and kotlin is the easier for android app development so if you want to learn the easier learn kotlin. if you want to learn the best learn java i advise you to learn the best.


kotlin have java code behind the seen so learning java first and then learnig kotlin is the good way


Coming from the C++ world, I hate the restrictions Java force on my coding. Kotlin lets me do my thing. I disagree with estifanos tekiea that Java is the best. But, it currently has the best resources to help you. I'm constantly dealing with Java examples to make my Kotlin work.


Kotlin is best... simplified


java is the best way to go. it's the official language for android application development.