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Trying to Save Image

Good day all I am new to web development, I am trying to store images in my sql database using php pdo library but In a form with other information like name but it seems not work. Sample code would be appreciated.


9/10/2018 12:39:27 PM

Joshua Otonte Bamson

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It might be in your PDO syntax.


The data type of the image should be BLOB in order to accept image type datas.


Joshua Otonte Bamson Sorry I can't help you this time because I only knew mysqli and not PDO. :(


I know but but the form contains other input data types and when i submit no data entres the database. but when done separately it entres the database. i think its my code so i need a sample code for a form with name, dob, phone no, profile pic and documents data types.


ok so what do you suggest


ok give me your code for sqli i will convert it to PDO