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Is challenging the next thing to do after completing all the courses on sololearn as a good programming who is willing to learn

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Of course. You can even learn from challenges, because some of them are not covered in lessons.



Challenges (coding challenges or quizzes) are a good practice to master a language.


you know i feel taking challenges is a real way to test whether you have in depth knowledge of things. i never knew i wasn't learning until i started challenges. These challenges forced me to go back to lessons i knew to start learning afresh. If you check my profile,you'll notice i lose a lot if challenges daily(never really affects me its the knowledge gained that matters). You could also challenge modern day projects( the making of softwares) then you'll understand whether you gained knowledge or skimmed through the surface. THANKS


If you really want to learn a language,it's better to have challenges a lot during your tutorials to see whether you have learned your lessons or not. Also it helps you having fun so it gives you motivation to continue faster


Well challenges are good because make faster and you can learn form those.


I think so because when we complete the challenges, we have to answer the questions very quickly hence the power of understanding and answering might be increased!!!


Here in soloLearn, you get the core basics that helps you to became a advance level programmer/developer/etc. Of course, Challenging is the best part of education. You can get knowledge from challenge & makes you knowledge expert. And, It's a joyful moment when we win the challenge & you realize that I know 5 question, answers. MS- practice makes a men perfect! โค๏ธ


You can. Totally up to you. :)


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