<header class="myClass" style=color:blue;> <__________> <p ________="myScript"()> Paragraph! <___> | Sololearn: Learn to code for FREE!


<header class="myClass" style=color:blue;> <__________> <p ________="myScript"()> Paragraph! <___>

Fill blanks to make code call the myScript() function upon clicking on the p.

9/5/2018 12:51:36 PM


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So you ask , I answer : </header> <onclick> </p> are the answers .. But remember challenge is nothing is you don't practice !!


If this was part of a challenge, you can view answers at the end of the challenge. If this is part of a lesson, the answers are often in the previous slide (comments area). A little context and a bit more explanation about which aspect you need more help with can be really helpful for those of us trying to help you. :)


I got it thanksssss Janning⭐ Janning


Happy I could help. :)


it is a challange question


how to view answers ????