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How to get sdk files for android studio

i installed android studio but it didn't work .... when i opened it. showen a massage "missing sdk files" how to fix it...???

9/3/2018 12:29:08 PM


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re download android studio because it will first open setup wizard and download all that stuff for you if you dont get it then download sdk manually visit google's devolper page and find android studio download page going downward that page you will find sdk tools if you still face error then adress to stack overflow you will also find many sites giving you android sdk support


i have same problem too


I have used Android Studio previously, and have encountered the same issue. I think the way I fixed it was uninstalling Android Studio and reinstalling it, but make sure all of the needed documents/files are selected to download.


thank you Theprogrammers i downloaded it many times but occurred same error 😁


thanxzz a lot ❤️


what are that Pavez ???


I also had that problem 😬


you can not get android-sdk in some countries , you should set proxy for android studio