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I have submitted an assignment in java a long time ago. But still it is pending. It is neither being 'Declined nor Accepted'. Please reply to my question. I would rather like my assignment to declined than to be pending. Thank you!!

9/1/2018 4:44:08 AM

Manu Pandey

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When it comes to lesson submissions, it will very often take quite a while for them to be reviewed (to be honest, I still have lessons from several months ago that are still pending). The amount of time that it takes for it to actually get reviewed will vary though as Sololearn is always working on different things. For example, if you were to submit a lesson based on one of the lesson plans, the amount of time needed for it to be reviewed would be much smaller than just another lesson for something besides that. Nevertheless, all I can say is to not keep waiting for it to be reviewed as it can take several months for that to happen so expecting it to be reviewed sooner would only make it seem like a longer time.


This is helpful for you.


Like most things in life : Good things take time. ⏳⏳⌛ 💗🤗🙆‍♂️


welcome to the club.


It takes too long time to be approved!!! I have submitted only some quizzes but It's still pending !!