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Sololearn Needs Game Development Courses

Dear Sololearn, First of all i wanna say is thanks to the awesome app and also the moderators.i have noticed and i know many of you also, that there is not a single game devlopment course in sololearn.there is alot of ways people can make a game but people did not know how to do that. i know that a lot of people need a game development course. *Please Upvote For Sololearn To See* Thanks.😊 Programming Languages to Build Games: 1.C++ 2.Java 3.Lua 4.C# 5.Python 6.JavaScript Game Engines: 1.Unity (C#) 2.Unreal Engine (C++) 3.Game Maker (GML) 4.Construct 2 (Visual Script) 5.Cocox2D (C++) 6.CryEngine (C++) Game Making Framework: 1.Phaser (JavaScript) 2.Pygame (Python) 3.Sfml (C++) 4.Love2D (Lua) 5.JFrame (Java) 6.Pyglet (Python) Please Leave Your Suggention Below.😊

8/31/2018 5:31:30 AM

Saugat Jarif

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Saugat Jarif send this to [email protected] as they likely won't see it if you post it in the Q&A. also, about GML, GM: Studio 2 is just the newest engine, but older ones are practical too (i personally use GM8 and can recommend it more than studio) so i suggest you just write "Game Maker" for GML


Yes 💗


I'm horrible at cooking and honestly, most days I just starve. I wish they would also introduce cooking classes so that I could become a better chef and maybe not starve between programming. @Lane Dreher Go with C++ and/or C#.


100% Agreed!


The really need for this is to develop on mobile. There is a singular interesting about it because the smartphones and devices are replacing the PCs. I believe the Swift, Kotlin and Flutter could You programming. If You, hence, want just PC gaming, Unity and Unreal Engine is a big deal front-end modeling but don't forget about the brute and fascinating way to made it: objects, babes, scenarios and particles modeling 3D like Autodesk Maya, Cinema 4D or Blender. Realistics physics processing software like Havok or PhysX. Sound and music editor like Adobe Audition, Sony Sound Forge or Logic Pro X. Programming language IDE of your choice. It really sounds like awesome. Good luck on your search, dude but never forget or give up studying!!!


I agree with you hinanawi, I use Game Maker 8 too (GM8.1) and the older GMs are pratical and GML is great for beginners learn/practice programming logic with Graphical Interface. GML is: Easy; Simple; Syntax Flexible (JS Syntax); Powerfull;


I strongly agree with you.


Good question.A topical need.


i agree and i think all of we agree 👌👌


cryengine == farcry


yes it should be there


Sure it needs


yes u r true brother you can follow me on insta "coderdheeraj".


i totally agree with everything, except i plan on using CRYENGINE for a game engine, so i would just add XML to the list of programs! but i want to say again that i most definitly thing they should add game dev training courses!


it's a good idea!!!


Thanks For All Who Showed A Positive Response.😊


they best see if you send them directly mail or post feedback, and everyone now can post lesson so why you don't start that story of game courses 😉


I agree. I'm going to use Blender and Blender game engine but I don't know what language to use.


yess !! its really good idea ^__^


That would be quite awesome