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Google interface tools API?

I have noticed many similarities between Google products and other apps or websites. Mainly, these similarities are graphical aspects - on the SoloLearn app, some of these are: The circular "+" button on the bottom right of the screen when in the Q&A section (this button can also be noticed on the Google Docs app, to name an example), The circular "refresh" animation from the top of the screen when pulling down on the Activity Feed (this can also be noticed in the Gmail app), The navigational buttons that appear on the top right of the screen in the Activity Feed, such as the account figure, notification bell, and three dots to represent other options (which can be noticed on numerous Google apps, although not always in the top right), and, The wavelike animation that appears on a button or clickable object when it is clicked or pressed, which can be noticed on SoloLearn by navigating to the Code Playground and holding above any given code. What are these graphical similarities? Is Google associated?

8/28/2018 4:03:36 PM


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Frameworks that apps are built in/with often have ready-made UI solutions, which were worked out as the most appealing and/or intuitive. The hamburger menu, the tricolon sign, the green plus and many graphical transition effects are seen as omni-present in many different applications, thus making users learn usage patterns in new applications more efficiently and quickly. No wonder -- it doesn't pay off to develop and maintain any "better" solution, while the one that is the most popular is sufficient.


Good question. Thanks for the information . πŸ’–


Note: I chose Google for a comparison because many Google apps seem to contain a high amount of these graphics.