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Format posts

I have a question about the options in the Q&A post area or generally. Why is it not possible to format your plain text code in your post to html or markdown, so that the user can create a code block. For example : [Code] your code here [code] <code> your code here </code> <pre> your code here </pre> (Output will be A code block instead of plain text) My understanding is, that it is better to read when a user post a piece of plain text code that he can format it in html or markdown. There are always users that insert plain text code in a post.

8/21/2018 11:38:10 AM

šŸŒ“Vincent BergeršŸŒ“

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That would be a great feature! Email the suggestion to [email protected] and they might add it! ;-)


you can copy the link or your code


Țucudean Adrian-Ionuț Thats not what I mean with this question, read agian please