Hackathon's and UE4 programming stream

Hello! At first, I would like to say I'm sorry that it is not a question directed to something special, but I think it is worth mentioning. There is a site called ChallengeRocket.com which creates events (hackathons) based on a lot of topics. The one that came through my head was programming and streaming that for the 24 hours, I just simply got interested. There is still time, but I wanted to test. So if any of you is interested to dive with me into the world of Unreal Engine 4 and learn a lot of new stuff (im a newbie to ue4) then come, join and have a lot of fun! you can find me at twitch.tv/bigjungleduck Ofc this is not only to make a personal advertisement, but I there are a lot of good programmers and I hope we can meet at one of these hackathons one day, so if you have some time take a look at them ,maybe one is in your area! Cheers!

4th Aug 2018, 9:38 PM
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