What is 'mfd'?

Some spammy questions here are tagged 'mfd' by the mods. What does it mean?

7/20/2018 2:25:47 PM

S. C.

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Hi S. C. "mfd" means "marked for deletion" this is our friendly reminder these posts will disappear in approximately 24 hours.


Hey S. C. An application may have tried to deletea service already marked for deletion, attempted to change the configuration or security for a service marked for deletion, or tried to start a servicemarked for deletion.


S. C. yes even if you added it our computer will likely delete this. Please note removing one a mod has attached is a violation of the rules and will result in a second report being filed.


mfd refers to marked for delivery (of deletion)


oooooooohhhh... now i get it. Thank you! will this get deleted then? It is marked for deletion. (I originally tagged this question mfd)


Now i understand something 😁




what do you mean?


It means Marked For Deletion. I would try to help you with another post, but it got deleted because the person put mfd in the tags and it got deleted!


coolboy7 lol! I did that at first too, but then I removed it.


How was your first challenge? I asked this question in a post. Can it be marked mfd just because I asked that question? because I was marked by a mod for not being a programming question.