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Nothing happens?

This is my first time using J̛͜͢Qu͏ȩ̴r̨̛y͘ can someone help me with the code. I want it to alert when the user uses í̶̸̧͜o̸͝s̨͘͟͜͞ device and i want it to alert something else if any other device. I also want the background gif to appear when switch toggled on.

6/22/2018 8:44:44 PM


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just saying, using jQuery and JavaScript in the same code would sometimes confuse people reading your code, for example you used window.onload you could use jQuerys equivalent $(document).ready(function(){ // your code to run when the page loads }); and line 15, instead of document.getElementById() you can use var elem = $("#myElement"); which does the same thing...I could keep going but those are just a couple tips


🅿️®️⭕️_e✖️e ,First of all, you are not to use double Window.onload


Mystique is right plus there is a 'while' statement in your script that will never evaluate to true as the script stands now.