C# for Unity?

Can I learn C# here on SoloLearn for programming on Unity? Or is more preferable to do a class similar to udemys where they put the two in the same class?

6/21/2018 8:45:44 PM

Emily Jacoby

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Considering Unity3D is a large development environment that requires additional learning in order to function, I would recommend learning C# first externally. solo learn is a good start however I wouldn't recommend being fully dependent upon this platform, when learning a new programming language always keep a few learning sources in rotation that way you never get bored, uninterested, or frustrated with the courses curriculum. ~Designing🔥


i would even say its more preferable to learn c# properly before starting with unity


by the way, whats the system requirements of unity 4,i can't find it out in their official website, somebody help me pls


heres the page to download untiy https://store.unity.com/ and the system requirments https://unity3d.com/unity/system-requirements